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pica7chu's profile

pica7chu Name: Richard
Email: richardjorda at gmail dot com
(replace at with @ and dot with .)
Country: Australia

Primary Spoken Language: English
Secondary Spoken Language: French

Date Joined: 2006-08-27 19:09:40
Last Login: 2006-08-29 22:24:36

Age: 57
Birthday: 1966-08-31

About Me
I turn Forty in three days and for some reason that seems like turning old. I remember well the day my father turned forty and my mother teased him about his old age. One thing is that I don't feel like I'm turning old. In January of 2000 Iwas knocked of my pushbike and received a brain injury that has left me in a similar position to someone who has undergone a stroke; thus this computer is a godsend
people look at me strangely when I say it's one of the best things that has ewver happended to me.It has certainly given me a slap in the face. Awakened me to many aspects of life I may well have missed had I gone on living life the same way I was before the accident. For some reason life draws many Vietnam vets into my game and I always used to wonder when they were going to get over the war and start living normally again-Now I find I understand. Richard J

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