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greg's profile

greg Name: Gregory Rzeczko
Email: jojo at campusgrind dot com
(replace at with @ and dot with .)
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Country: United States

Primary Spoken Language: English
Secondary Spoken Language: Polish

Date Joined: 2006-08-09 15:32:47
Last Login: 2016-08-21 17:24:28

Age: 41
Birthday: 1982-08-01

About Me
Born and raised in New Britain, Connecticut. Now living in Brooklyn, New York.

I love the outdoors. Music and coding is what I do for my spare time as well as work. I specialize in internet programming.

As for equipment that I use for music is the MC505 Roland Groovebox. 2 Stanton turtables with a stanton battle mixer, a microphone, and software on the computer. Still working on songs. Once I finish them up, I'll post them somewhere online.

The two biggest websites I'm working on is CampusGrind ( with Wojciech Pirog and this website (Monster Blog Sack.) Am adding a lot more features.

Just got a new job in Manhattan. I'll still be adding a lot more features and post it up in the blog.

Hope you enjoy Monster Blog Sack :)

~ Greg

Blogs Sacked: 155
Colossal Titan Diamond Cutter Sack: 58
Stainless Steel Sack 76
Average Potato Sack 16
Salty Peanut Sack 3
Wrinkled Droopy Sack 2

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