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debang123's profile

debang123 Name: chen
Email: debang123 at yahoo dot com
(replace at with @ and dot with .)
Country: China

Primary Spoken Language: English
Secondary Spoken Language: Chinese

Date Joined: 2007-07-27 05:26:17
Last Login: 2007-12-18 22:06:14

Age: 44
Birthday: 1977-03-05

About Me
We produce Stainless steel seamless pipe,Stainless steel seamless tube,stainless steel ingot,Stainless steel flat bar,Stainless steel,Heat resistance steel,Alloy structural steel,Stainless Steel Square bar,Stainless steel cold drawn pipe,cold drawn pipe,Stainless steel cold rolled pipe.our company is a specialized supplier and manufacturer of Stainless steel seamless pipe,Steel Ingot,Stainless steel cold rolled pipe in china.
address:No.1 Stainless Steel Industrial Area, Xihe Industrial Zone, Shenyang, China
Export manager:Janet chen
telphone:86-24-87799886 87799885
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Seamless steel pipe
Stainless steel Sanitary pipe
Cold rolled steel pipe
Seamless stainless steel tube
Steel tube
Stainless steel pipe
Stainless steel flat bar
Steel round bar
Stainless steel bar
stainless steel round bar
Cold drawn round bar
Stainless steel bar
Hot forged round bar
Hot rolled round bar
Steel ingot
Alloy structural steel
Steel ingot
Heat Resistance Steel
Stainless steel ingot
Cold drawn pipe
Sanitary steel tube
stainless steel square bar
Stainless steel ingot
Duplex steel tube
Steel Ingot
Stainless steel Ingot
Heat resistance steel
Alloy structural steel
Stainless steel bar
Stainless steel square bar
Stainless steel flat bar
Stainless steel seamless pipe
Cold drawn pipe
Cold rolled pipe
Duplex steel tube
Duplex steel pipe
Stainless Steel Cold drawn pipe
China Products

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